I admit that I have not seen such a documentary film for a long time, in which the tragic years of my homeland in fratricidal war that lasted for almost five years and resulted in the death of more than 150 thousand brothers and sisters, are discribed.

The film clearly identifies the role of the Islamic Revival Party, a terrorist and extremist organization banned in Tajikistan, and the leaders of these groups having betrayal and personal interests of their state and nation, and the consequences of this tragedy as a result of fundamental, extremist activities, completely in favor of a foreign master who tried to impose any religious prejudices on the founders of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan.

The film honestly, accurately, impartially, based on specific facts, shows the social, economic policy and the tragic conditions of the civil war in the country.

The video shows the mental state of a person and society who lost their near and dear ones during the civil war.

Relying on documents from the time, we see that adherents of Islamic fundamentalism, which is banned in Tajikistan, used the ideology of the Wahhabi belief to carry out the orders of their foreign masters.

The members of these groups were killing their enemies, i.e. Tajik think tanks one after another, misleading the people and trying to turn Tajikistan into a medieval state.

The film emphasizes that the founders of the terrorist and extremist organization of the Islamic Revival Party stated that the purpose of the party was to supposedly protect the social policy of the people.

But in fact, representatives of this so-called Islamic party, which was financed from abroad, belonged to the Sunni branch of religion in which our people believe, and adhere to the Hanafi trend, a widely recognized Islamic movement founded in the seventh century.

The leaders and members of the Islamic Revival Party's terrorist and extremist organization sought to discredit the Hanafi movement, which for more than 12 centuries not only has united the legal culture of all the peoples of Central Asia, but also created ideal practices and principles of Islam.

The film tells about the sanctity and achievements of the Hanafischool, as well as the faith of the Tajik people and their followers around the world, science, the essence of the Sunni belief and the observance of democratic law and humanistic principles in Islam.

According to the head of state EmomaliRahmon, this situation has had a great influence on the development of Islam.

According to the majority of the clergy of the world, the history of the coexistence of the peoples of Central Asia and a good attitude to the cultures and languages ​​of foreign peoples and other religions was achieved thanks to the humanistic initiative of the Hanafischool, which goes in the Sunni direction.

According to the authors of the film, it was the Hanafiya school that helped our people overcome this difficult path, helped people who continue to adhere to this religion, preserve the tradition and pass it on to future generations where ideas of the Fundamental propaganda spread by members of the Islamic Revival Party, terrorist and extremist organizationare absent and not needed.

Throughout the documentary, our confidence is aimed at strengthening the mentality and unification of the Tajik people.

The mentality, unity and solidarity of people is directed against the ideology of those who want to use any wrong ideas and trends in their interests, which has nothing to do with the norms of establishing the Sunni religion.

It is these principles that stand in the way of efforts to study religious policy in the country:

  1. This film shows the specific actions for which Islam was used, and an attempt to use religion by committing crimes and betraying their people.
  2. In addition, the documentary tells about how the country's traitors controlled misguided citizens and directed them to fulfill the lucrative tasks of their foreign bosses.
  3. The film accurately reflects the cunning tricks of the traitors of my country and my religion, who sided with the enemy and the followers of the Wahhabi sect, based on the fundamentalist ideology of Islam.

In specific places of this video, the ideology of Wahhabism is described, which led to the civil war in the country and the death of more than 150 thousand citizens of the country.

  1. The film tells the story of a man named Kabiri who did not plant a single tree, did not do any work for the benefit of society and did not even engage in any creative work, although he had enormous wealth.

The film shows that one particular Islamic state finances a terrorist and extremist organization, that is, the Islamic Renaissance Party, to satisfy its own interests, since all these wealth mentioned above, were acquired by foreign sponsors.

These facts show that Kabiri betrayed his honor and reputation.

Now he works in Europe, feeds and provides for his family and relatives, citizens who have been mislead and sided with him and a number of journalists who represent his interests.

  1. The film talks about the financing and influence of special services of a foreign state.

The film shows the employees of the special services of the East who strive for peace and ideology of the Islamic revolution, and also shows how the stability of the intelligentsia of our country, the main role of which does not belong to women, opposes this, since the idea of ​​the Islamic revolution is alien to our society.

  1. The documentary is opening the eyes of the people of Tajikistan about who is a friend and who is an enemy, and focusing on the mentality and study of Islam.

It is our religion that gives people the strength to resist any attempts by the enemy to destabilize the political and economic situation in the country.

  1. The film tells about the goals of Kabiri, which do not turn away from any atrocities for its own benefit.

It is shown here that Kabiri, along with journalists covering his work, conducts information attacks on the minds of our civil society about Covid-19 disease.

Kabiri and his allies now use the Covid-19 issue as a weapon against the country's authorities.

He and his allies are spreading false rumors about the spread of Covid-19 in the country to provoke a conflict between people and authorities and undermine public confidence in the government.

But the Kabiri propaganda plan and plans put forward by foreign intelligence services were foiled at that time.

  1. The film makes it clear that it is the betrayal and study of the Shiite religion of Kabiri, put forward by its foreign sponsors in the country, funded by this eastern country.

The film tells about the betrayal and abusive behavior of Kabiri.

In this video, even close and former associates of Kabiri report that he is far from the norms of the Hanafischool.

  1. The film is a guide for those who until now have not been a spy for foreign intelligence agencies that have not yet dirty their hands with blood and dirt.

At the same time, this documentary encourages misguided people who can still admit their guilt and repent, refrain from such unclean acts and return home.

Such misguided people are asked to refrain from violence against their people, because there is still time and it is not too late.

  1. The film about the fact that despite the national tragedy in the country and the civil war, which killed more than 150 thousand brothers and sisters and caused more than 10 billion dollars in economic damage to the country's budget, there are still foreign countries who want to use the help of such traitors of the nation, to re-establish instability in the country by any means, without even thinking about its consequences.
  2. The film was shot as a warning and a reminder, in the framework of the national peace policy of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan EmomaliRahmon, because now there is peace and stability in the country, and the proud Tajik people are always united for political stability.

It is noted here that peace, stability and prosperity were achieved in our country by great efforts, and the blood of many brothers and sisters of the Motherland was shed for its sustainability.

Therefore, we must store it as the apple of an eye.

  1. The film is aimed only at the unity and solidarity of Tajiks, and all political forces in the country can unite against the enemies of my country, including the Islamic revolution, the ideas of fundamentalism, which are the basis of the ideology and strategic goal of the terrorist and extremist Islamic Revival Party.

Given the circumstances that remain among our compatriots, including those who adhere to the ideology of foreign and blind Islamic fundamentalism, I would like to say that they must return to their homeland, family and relatives.

Betrayal is not your way!

This path, chosen by Kabiri, is an irreversible path, because he is a traitor. This is the message that we want to convey to you.

This is the conviction of his former colleagues and allies. All our people know this.

Given the importance and relevance of this problem, which is reflected in this documentary, that there is still a risk for the people, I believe that the translation of this film into foreign languages, including English, should be done in such a way that the essence of the story, especially extremist and terrorist activities of the Islamic Revival Party of Kabiriwho is internationally wanted, were also brought to the attention of a European audience.

It is important to note that the essence of the activities of Kabiri and its parties and organizations, which work closely with foreign law enforcement agencies and are contrary to EU security, poses a serious threat to its own people.


Senior research fellow of the National Academy of Sciences

of the Republic of Tajikistan